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Life Lines

Art has inhabited me continuously and the making of objects has defined my life. I grew up in Denver CO. where I graduated from East High School, a wildly diverse place full of music, culture and serious study. 3 founding members of Earth Wind and Fire were in our marching band and my ancient history teacher commissioned me to make an egyptian themed ceremonial collar. That was the extent of my formal education, choosing instead to pursue an exploration of life through travel and personal study of art. I’ve supported myself as an artist my entire life, with working diversions as a cowboy, stone mason and lumber jack. My wonderful wife Susan also enjoys travel and is a lifetime artist. In our early career we worked together as art jewelers and have since developed solo careers, Susan focusing on painting and myself on sculpture. Starting in 1997 I attended several marble carving symposiums which resulted in my 1st figurative piece, “Movumundo”. Several other surrealist figures in bronze have followed, my most recent being the large “Moonhead Man”. Since 2015 I’ve begun working on a much larger scale, making stand alone abstract pieces as well as architectural landscaping commissions. I am currently expanding into public art commissions while developing my oeuvre of personal works.



Eluding the grasp of gravity through balance defines the starting point for my abstract work. My imagery draws inspiration from the movement of birds, Mayan Stelae, curling waves and smoke. My pieces are frequently transparent metal grids, casting undulating shadows which shift and dance. I've always had a compulsion to make things and I enjoy the process of creation and problem solving as much as I do the finished work. My ultimate goal is the transformation of motion into emotion, seeking interaction rather than a reaction.



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