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Life Lines

Art has inhabited me continuously and the making of objects has defined my life. The wire and origami mobiles of elementary school led me into silversmithing and by the age of 16 I had a full silversmithing shop and was selling work at the Denver Folklore Center. I never went to college, choosing instead to travel. When I came back to Colorado from Europe and Africa I went up into the mountains and built a homestead cabin, still making jewelry but now working with treadle powered grinding wheels and other non-electric equipment. Later I moved down valley and worked as a cowboy, riding, branding and fixing fence…yippee ky yiy yo.

And then I met Susan and love truly opened up my life. We moved south to Durango Colorado where together we built a fieldstone house since we had a one ton truck with a crane on the back, no money and lot’s of time. We continued to develop our art jewelry business, doing shows throughout the country and absorbing the nation’s museum collections. Susan got back into painting and I began carving marble at the summer sculpture symposium in Marble, Colorado sponsored by the Denver art students league. We began work on our current house and studios 10 years ago and I’m thrilled to say that our art compound is now complete. Let the garden grow.



My sculpture has a strongly asian aesthetic, rooted in balance, with great respect for materials and their inherent textures. I try to elude the grasp of gravity, allowing rocks to float and metal to flow like water. From there I interpret visual gestures found in nature and astronomy such as swirling galaxies and the rhythmic movement of birds and fish. There are also references to the human figure and spirit. My figurative work, which is done in marble and cast bronze depict people transformed by circumstance, altered by contact with life beyond themselves. I use cast and carved concrete with blackened wood as my earthbound elements, while forged bronze provides fluid motion. The materials however are just the tools I use to help me achieve my ultimate goal, which is the transformation of motion into emotion, seeking not a reaction but rather an interaction.


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