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The Brooch

We sought out the unique allure of Manhattan while participating in a Gallery Show about New York City. It was an intriguing proposition with so many avenues to explore and potential vantage points. The perspective we chose was over Central Park's verdant rectangle, edged by the Manhattan waterline. A crisp urban vision was created when we distilled this to it's art-deco essence and added a stylized cityscape of buildings.

We used the torch from the Statue of Liberty for our handmade screw clasp.

We are offering this design as a brooch, entirely handmade in 18K yellow gold and green tourmaline with each building soldered individually. The World Trade Center Towers are formed with platinum, the brooch being a numbered and signed edition limited to 10 pieces.


The Pendant

The pendant is cast with the tourmaline set in a hand soldered bezel of 22K gold, the twin towers in white palladium and the Liberty Torch as a free hanging element. This pendant is an individually signed and numbered edition of 100.